10 Popular Wedding Floral Trends


Fur and Feathers

Yes, we're serious! This flamboyant pairing might seem a little risqué or kitschy, but adding a few feathers or some faux fur to your bouquet can be both beautiful and striking.

Fur and feathers add a little warmth to a bouquet for fall and winter weddings. You can encircle your bouquet with a little ring of white fur for a crisp look or dyed fur to match your dress or flowers. A lining of white or green faux fur creates exotic interest when wrapped around a tall bouquet of orchids and peacock feathers. For a more neutral palette, a fur wrap on a small bouquet of white flowers accented with ostrich feathers adds some style to a winter wedding color scheme.

Scour craft stores, antique markets and textile shops to find trappings for your bouquet. You should be able to locate an ample, affordable assortment of faux furs and feathers, so it'll be easy to mix and match colors and styles until you find the luxe look you crave.