Styling Kate for Her Wedding Day

Randy: Best Face (and Figure!) First
Randy Fenoli, Fashion Director at Kleinfeld Bridal
Randy Fenoli, Fashion Director at Kleinfeld Bridal

Randy Fenoli is the Fashion Director at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York -- he's a familiar face on "Say Yes to the Dress."

For the princess bride in question, Randy would dress her in lace. "A bit form-fitting but still covering her up," he says. The dress should "highlight her figure" and feature "a long train -- but not too long. It should still be modern." And, Randy pictures the lace "scattered with crystals to kick it up a notch." The bodice would have a scalloped V-neck and an open back in his vision of Kate. As for her veil, Randy suggests a very long one that she could take off, perhaps "trimmed with lace starting around her elbows."

"Accessories can either make or break any ensemble," Randy warns. "Choose them wisely! I would rather have one really gorgeous statement piece than a collection of pieces. Less is more." To complement Kate's dress, "I wouldn't do a necklace -- she will already have a tiara, so just a pair of gorgeous earrings."

For Kate, hair and makeup is really about showing off her natural beauty. Randy pictures her hair half-up, half-down. "She has beautiful hair, but this way it's out of her face and she's still showing her beautiful locks." As for her makeup, "she shouldn't overdo it, but she has to get her makeup right for all the different cameras." The trick is, Randy says, "being camera-ready, so a little more than what she is used to, but still looking like herself."

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