Styling Kate for Her Wedding Day

Lori: Visions of Lace
Lori Allen, owner of Bridals by Lori
Lori Allen, owner of Bridals by Lori

Lori Allen owns Bridals by Lori, the boutique featured on "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta." Her vision for Kate's wedding day look is all about lace. "I keep picturing in my head the day I watched Diana get out of the carriage," Lori explains. "She was so wrinkled, like a ball of wadded-up taffeta. But lace will travel much better. When Kate steps out of the car, it will be a magical moment."

"I'd put her in an all-lace gown -- totally lace -- head to toe," Lori says. "Lyon lace is lighter and more unique. And, you can work it into a better silhouette." One big vision of lace? "I've seen that done," Lori assures us.

Of course, the dress would be modest and venue-appropriate, too. "She'd wear long, bell sleeves and maybe a deep V-neckline, like she had in her sapphire blue engagement dress." As for the silhouette, Lori imagines a modified A-line. "It wouldn't be totally fitted for Westminster Abbey," she says, but it would be sleek. And the train? "Way long! At least 10 feet."

The veil needs to have a big impact, too. Lori describes a 10-foot train with a 20-foot veil. "It could be all Lyon lace, or with Lyon lace on the edging. And, of course, a tiara." In fact, Lori says, the royal wedding is making waves throughout the bridal industry. At market, she saw lots of tiaras and more dresses with coverage. Brides who love sleeves will have a lot of dresses to choose from soon; they're coming out with three-quarter, cap and lace sleeves. "I saw a dress almost identical to the one I wore in 1979!" Lori laughs.

As for Kate's shoes and accessories, Lori prefers a classic look. "I don't ever like an open toe with a bridal gown," she says. For Kate, a silk satin or even a lace pump with a high heel would work. But this kind of shoe doesn't have to be too traditional. "Maybe she could dress up a satin shoe with a motif -- like her monogram in light blue." Overall, the whole look is so "grandiose" that the jewelry should be kept minimal. Lori suggests a diamond stud and a small bracelet. "She's going to have an enormous bouquet, so let's not distract from it!"

And speaking of keeping things simple, Lori also favors "very natural makeup -- like she does every day, but bumped up a little. I'd do a slight curl in her hair, but she should wear it down because it's so pretty. Pull the sides away from her face, and put the tiara on top!"

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