Styling Kate for Her Wedding Day

Image Gallery: Kate, Fashion Icon If she's this gorgeous in a trench coat, what will she look like on her wedding day? See more pictures of Kate Middleton.
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In less than a week, we won't have to speculate anymore about Kate Middleton's wedding dress. All the questions we've been asking about it (who's the designer? will she wear a ball gown -- and a tiara?) will be answered the moment she steps out of her car at Westminster Abbey.

Who hasn't been scouring headlines for the latest rumors about Kate's wedding day look? And while we're all entitled to our opinions about what the future Queen of England should and will wear, there's no one better to weigh in on the matter than a wedding expert.

At TLC, we have plenty of people who know style. When it comes to wedding style, three names in particular come to mind: Lori, Monte and Randy. So, we asked our favorite "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta" stars what they envision for Kate's wedding day.

We've heard plenty of predictions for the big day -- we wanted a new take on the Kate question. How would you dress her, we asked? The three experts offer their take on a princess-perfect wedding day style.