What's a royal honeymoon like?

Will and Kate Honeymoon Speculation
The Isles of Scilly at sunset. Can't you feel the romance?
The Isles of Scilly at sunset. Can't you feel the romance?
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OK, so we've profiled some historical precedents for royal newlyweds. What's on the docket for Will and Kate?

The socially minded couple says they won't take a lavish honeymoon since British citizens are stuck in a state of financial turmoil (not unlike those of us watching the wedding from the U.S. and other Western nations!). Instead, they're traveling on a budget. According to palace officials, Will and Kate will take a two-week honeymoon close to the United Kingdom. The Isles of Scilly, the latest reported honeymoon destination, is just 29 miles southeast of Cornwall, England. Other speculated locations include: Kenya, where Prince William proposed to his bride; St. Andrews, where the two went to school and first met; and Australia, which was Prince William's first trip abroad with his parents when he was a child.

Although they're part of the royal family and definitely enjoy lavish lives, royal brides and grooms are just like the rest of us. Their honeymoons may or may not be more expensive and lavish, but the newlyweds truly want to use this time to cozy up with each other in a romantic setting, or to visit a place that's meaningful to them in their journey as a couple.

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