How can I marry prince charming?

Rule No. 1: Become a Prominent Member of Society
Polo is a princely sport.
Polo is a princely sport.
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Contrary to popular belief, you can't buy your way into British aristocracy. England's upper class includes entrepreneurs, people who have become wealthy by working hard as business professionals, and those who have simply inherited large sums of money.

To fall in love with a royal, you've got to become acquainted with one -- and let's be honest, being wealthy definitely improves your chances of socializing with the royal family.

Princess Diana's parents (both from aristocratic families) mingled regularly with British royals. When Diana was a teenager, she met her future husband, Prince Charles, at a party she attended with family. The couple married several years later.

Even though the rich often run in the same circles with the British royal family, it's far more important to be an honorable member of society than a wealthy one. To gain respect and earn your spot as a dignified member of the royals' social circle, you must follow rules of etiquette, maintain an exceptional public reputation and earn a good education. Most eligible princes attend fine colleges and universities, so women admitted to the same schools are increasing their chances of socializing with royalty.

Our case study princess-to-be, Kate Middleton, who was raised by wealthy, self-made entrepreneurs, was accepted to Scotland's St. Andrews University, where she met Prince William. The two even shacked up as roommates in an off-campus estate during their college years! Over time, their friendship developed into a relationship that lasted several years, and the rest is history.

Now more than ever, royals mingle with commoners at everyday places and events.

If you're part of an upper-class family in England, you might be inclined to attend polo games, rugby tournaments or tennis matches where the British royals are also present. Prince Harry, a revered polo player, is rumored to have met his on-and-off girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, at a polo match.

This brings us to another point. You can be a prominent member of society and meet your prince, but you've got to have something in common if you want to make it to the altar. Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy both enjoy sports, outdoor activities and are regularly spotted together in London bars and nightclubs. Does all this add up to another royal engagement?

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