How can I marry prince charming?

Sorry, ladies. This prince is taken.
Sorry, ladies. This prince is taken.
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Most people are familiar with storybook fairy tales. The pretty peasant girl meets and falls in love with a tall, dark and handsome prince. He whisks our heroine away in a horse-drawn carriage to a white castle, and the happy couple lives a blissful life together until the end of time. Sigh.

What little girl doesn't dream that one day she'll meet prince charming, have a magical wedding and live happily ever after? The truth is, very few of us have a real chance at joining a royal family -- especially the British royal family.

Maybe that's why we're fascinated by the very real, very romantic story unfolding right now in the media.

An everyday English girl, Kate Middleton, beat the odds and snagged one of today's most eligible bachelors, Prince William of Wales. How does a commoner become the first woman in more than 350 years to marry prince charming? The pair met by chance as students at a prominent European university, but Prince William has reportedly claimed that Kate won him over with her "naughty" sense of humor.

Dying to take a stroll through Windsor Castle in Kate Middleton's Louboutin pumps? The life of a modern-day princess certainly has its perks. As if inserting the title of "princess" before her first name isn't thrilling enough, she also has a private secretary, a full team of aides, around-the-clock security and a couturier to design all of the custom garments and ball gowns she desires.

Even though your chance may be one in a million at becoming the next princess of England, you might be surprised to learn that there's no law keeping a prince from marrying a commoner. So, if you play your cards right, who knows? You could be the next girl who sweeps a prince off his feet. (You're already imagining how you'll look in a tiara, aren't you?)

For all of the hopeful bachelorettes out there, we've got three rules for meeting and marrying prince charming.