5 Tips to Get a Princess-worthy Reception on a Budget

Deck the Hall
Go with a "Happily Ever After" theme.
Go with a "Happily Ever After" theme.
Rick Lew/Workbook Stock/Getty Images

Remember how the high school prom decorating committee turned the school gym into a seaside resort with a few fishing nets and conch shells? Take a page from their playbook. Conjure a regal setting with props borrowed from school or community theaters: velvet chairs, fake pillars and arches, coats of arms and armor, maybe crowns from the last staging of "Henry VIII." Or mine the Southeast Asian splendor of "The King and I."

Too stuffy? Consider a Mardi Gras theme, with the happy couple as King and Queen of the ball. Strew the room with beads and place a mask at each table setting. Royals are also known for being frivolous. You might declare yourselves the "King and Queen of Hearts" with a card party theme.

What's a party without food? Next, we cook up a royal feast.

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