5 Tips to Get a Princess-worthy Reception on a Budget

Image Gallery: Reception Venues You don't have to have royal ties to feel like a princess at your reception. See pictures of unforgettable reception venues.
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It sounds like a fairy tale: getting a reception Cinderella would envy on a commoner's budget. But as we explain in the pages to come, you don't need the wealth of the Empire to finance a memorable wedding feast. With resourcefulness, creativity, moxie and maybe a little heavy lifting, even the woodcutter's daughter and farmer's son can put on a bash that's uniquely their own.

And they don't have to do it all themselves. These ideas might make wonderful wedding gifts from friends who have the talent or the connections. Maybe dear Aunt Minnie, president of the local historical society, can track down a turn-of-the-century mansion to host your fĂȘte. Cousin Ed the florist might get you flowers at a discount.

First up: finding a royal setting; or, Camelot on a shoestring.