5 Tips to Get Princess-worthy Flowers on a Budget


Go Modest, Not Big

Even if you're planning on holding on to an arrangement of roses, gardenias, stephanotis and Odontoglossum orchids, you can do without the long, flowing cascade bouquet Princess Diana so famously used.

Cascade bouquets and other large arrangements are pricey, and plenty of princesses have used smaller floral groupings on their big day. In 2005, Camilla carried a very modest and flattering bouquet of lilies of the valley and primroses when she married Prince Charles. Sarah Ferguson proudly strode down the aisle in 1986 wearing a headband made of gardenias. A nosegay, arm sheaf, flower bracelet or floral headband can be just as beautiful and striking as any large-scale bouquet, and you won't need access to a nation's treasury just to afford one.

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