5 Tips to Get Princess-worthy Flowers on a Budget


Choose In-season Blooms

One of the best tricks for procuring princess-worthy flowers for your wedding is to use in-season blooms. Your flowers of choice will be easier to find and much more affordable.

So, if you're planning for a spring wedding, opt for roses and gardenias like Sarah Ferguson and Diana Spencer, or follow the lead of Princesses Ann and Alexandra and include narcissus or heather in your arrangement if you're saying "I do" in the fall or winter months.

In addition to saving money and hassle with in-season blooms, you'll be doing Mother Earth a favor. Any flowers that have to be imported involve gas-guzzling jets and trucks. We think that eco-conscious brides are some of the classiest in the bunch. Be a real princess and consider these 10 Eco-friendly Floral Arrangements.