5 Tips to Get Princess-worthy Flowers on a Budget


Forget Ultra-rare Flowers

Brand-name flowers do exist, but we promise they're out of your price range. Several about-to-become-your-highnesses used special, nearly one-of-a-kind blooms, but just because you don't have the money or connections to secure the golden Earl Mountbatten Roses used by Diana doesn't mean you can't have a gorgeous bridal bouquet.

Take inspiration from regal traditions instead of insisting on the actual rare flowers themselves. For example, virtually every royal bride in recent memory has included a sprig of myrtle in her bouquet. Yes, the royal myrtle is from a special bush that supposedly grew from Queen Victoria's 1840 wedding bouquet, but it's indistinguishable from the kind found at your local flower shop.

And rest assured that not every flower in a princess's bouquet is completely unique. In addition to a few ultra-rare blooms, every princess uses high-quality, but common flowers for her wedding. Focus on flowers that look good, and forget the figurative label on the petal, OK?