10 Ways to Get Princess-worthy Hair on a Budget

Image Gallery: Princess Brides Kate Middleton's princess-ready hair was on full display when she and Prince William posed for engagement photos at St. James Palace. See more pictures of princess brides.
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

You know that dream where you're kissed by a prince, and it's a great kiss, and he calls, and he drops by -- surprise! -- with flowers the next day, and you don't have to worry because you're one of those women who never has bad hair days?

That's how you know it's a dream. Who doesn't have bad hair days?

Kate Middleton. Kate doesn't have bad hair days. Her dark locks are smooth, shiny and full of body at all times. Her mane is even flippy at the ends so it bounces when she walks and whispers, in a British accent, "princess …"

OK, we're channeling a fourth-grade girl, but we really love that hair. And while few of us can afford the salon prices Ms. Middleton pays weekly (at Richard Ward in London, in case you're in the neighborhood), we can do the next best thing: We can fake it.

Here, 10 tips to make your hair look like Kate's (or pretty close). The first step is one that requires some time, but it's worth it.