Dear William and Kate: 10 Things We Hope You Include in Your Wedding


Art-like Cake

Queen Victoria's wedding cake.
Queen Victoria's wedding cake.
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

When members of the Royal Navy baked a five-tier royal wedding cake for Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding, few probably imagined a single piece would sell at auction 27 years later. But that's exactly what happened in 2008, when a former royal servant sold a piece of the iconic wedding cake she'd stored in an attic for safekeeping.

The slice, measuring a sizeable nine inches (22.87 centimeters), may have come from that original five-tier creation -- or one of 23 other official wedding cakes. Either way, it fetched more than $1,800. We wonder whether William and Kate's helpers could someday be so lucky.

Whatever the case, we hope the royal bakers go all-out when it comes to wedding day confections. After all, royal cakes have a long history of over-the-top proportions. Take Queen Victoria's 1840 wedding cake, for example. With an impressive nine-foot (2.74 meters) circumference and 300-pound (136 kilograms) weight, the affair was sure to feed the masses. Now if only the royal servants would add a reception line for those of us waiting in Trafalgar Square.