10 Silver Screen Princesses and Their To-die-for Hollywood Weddings


Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky

You might be surprised to find a construction worker's wedding on this list, but Larry Fortensky is a special case.

The seventh spouse of Elizabeth Taylor (and her eighth marriage), Fortensky was perhaps the most unlikely partner for the screen starlet, who's 20 years his senior. They met at the Betty Ford clinic in 1988 and wed in 1991 at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. The ceremony was quite the spectacle, as Jackson himself gave away the bride and Taylor's hair stylist was Fortensky's best man.

Guests included Liza Minnelli, Eddie Murphy, Brooke Shields and former first lady Nancy Reagan (her husband was scheduled to attend, but he didn't show). Most of the guests were unable to hear the bride and groom's "I dos" because of the clamor caused by a dozen or so uninvited helicopters spying on the proceedings from above. In fact, one photographer parachuted into the ceremony just to snap a few pictures, though Jackson's 100-man security force quickly evicted the errant shutterbug from the premises.