10 Reasons We Can't Wait to Watch Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding

The Wedding Is Financing Our Next Latte

The time is nigh for all of the wives, girlfriends and sisters of Fantasy Football enthusiasts to exact our revenge. Now that football season is over and Prince William's wedding is upon us, it's time for some new betting odds.

That's right -- placing odds on the royal nuptials is one way to make (or lose) a quick buck or two from the comfort of your own couch. To date, bets have already been taken and closed out regarding the date and location of the ceremony.

Those itching to get in on the action can still make wagers on the length of the bride's train, the shoes she'll be sporting, whether the ceremony will start on time and even if the marriage will end in divorce or not.

For the most part, the betting is all in good fun, with the average stake valued at $5.50, according to betting agency William Hill. For the record, odds are firmly in favor of the couple making it to their 10th anniversary at the very least, although we're hoping they last much, much longer.

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