10 Reasons We Can't Wait to Watch Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding

By: Alia Hoyt

We can't wait to peek inside Westminster Abbey on April 29!
We can't wait to peek inside Westminster Abbey on April 29!
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Kate Middleton has it all: stunning beauty, intelligence, a loving family, a killer wardrobe and hair any girl would commit felonious acts for. Soon, she'll top it all off by becoming the wife of one of the most sought-after bachelors in recent history, who just so happens to be a handsome prince.

As much as you want to hate her for all her perfection, it's simply impossible, what with that down-to-Earth demeanor and winning smile. Instead of expending negative energy being jealous of "Waitey Katie," we'd rather live vicariously through her as she realizes every little girl's dream of becoming an honest-to-goodness princess.


From the dress and reception entertainment to the party pictures of celebrities clinking glasses, there's something for every wedding, history or royalty buff to anticipate about this major event. We've put together a list of 10 reasons we can't wait to watch the nuptials of the world's newest power couple (move over, Brangelina!).

10: It's A-list All the Way

Although the ceremony guest list has yet to be finalized or announced, it's safe to say that it will be a veritable who's who of British royalty and aristocracy.

Westminster Abbey, where the ceremony will be held on April 29, can seat about 3,000 people. This might seem like a lot, but in reality, it's only a teeny-tiny fraction of the people who are chomping at the bit to attend. Some names on the purported guest list include Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney and Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson, the vivacious, yet scandal-prone mother of two of Prince William's cousins.


9: A Peek Inside the Gorgeous Venue

People come from all over the world to visit Westminster Abbey. It'll be a real treat for the rest of us to enjoy a glimpse inside the historic site when the ceremony is aired, without having to spend a penny or have a passport stamped.

Built more than 1,000 years ago, the church has been the site of 38 consecutive coronations since William the Conqueror was officially crowned King of England way back in 1066. Prince William and Kate chose the ceremony venue for its rich history and "staggering beauty." And it really is beautiful: The Gothic structure is packed with items of historic significance, including paintings, stained glass windows, manuscripts, books and other major artifacts. For the prince, it's also a sentimental site; it's where his mother's funeral was held in 1997.


8: We're Hosting Slumber/Viewing Parties

Tea and scones are perfect for a royal wedding sleepover.
Tea and scones are perfect for a royal wedding sleepover.

Wedding enthusiasts (us included) will be setting their alarms for bizarrely early times in order to witness the royal nuptials live on television. The true romantics among us might even consider holding full-fledged viewing parties, complete with plastic tiaras, scones, crumpets and tea to create a semi-authentic British atmosphere.

Those of you not willing to forego your beauty sleep can rest easy, however. The event is sure to be replayed over and over again for weeks following the event.


7: Kate Will Be Decked Out

You know that scene in "Pretty Woman" where Julia Roberts gets to pick out whatever she wants, no expense spared? Well, Kate's bridal couture is likely to be something like that -- multiplied by a million.

While most of us purchase wedding gowns off the rack and accessorize with knock-off tiaras, Kate will be outfitted in the best that bridal wear has to offer. In fact, her wedding day look is sure to be copied for many years to come by brides seeking to emulate a regal image.


To date, it's still unknown whether she'll sport a traditional princess-style ball gown with cathedral length veil or opt for a more understated style. We can count on a one-of-a-kind designer creation tailored specifically for her individual style, topped off with a tiara on loan from the queen's own personal reserve.

Although Kate looks gorgeous on any given day of the year, it's safe to say that she'll set a new standard for bridal beauty on her wedding day.

6: We're Adding to Our Commemorative Plate Collections

We dig this early commemorative plate -- note how the year reads "200?"
We dig this early commemorative plate -- note how the year reads "200?"
Photo by Woolworths via Getty Images

Approximately five seconds after Prince William and Kate announced their engagement, commemorative plates and T-shirts appeared for the masses to snap up.

It's a virtual certainty that royal wedding memorabilia will follow suit, once images from the big day are available for reproduction. A royal coin celebrating the nuptials is already in development, although it's taken some major heat for its unflattering depiction of Kate.


With royal wedding frenzy swiftly reaching a crescendo, it should be entertaining to see the variety of memorabilia that hits the marketplace. Let's just hope that vendors keep it classy, like the couple whose visages will be featured. No one really needs royal wedding-themed toilet paper, do they?

5: Parade of Royals

Forget marching bands and giant balloons shaped like beloved cartoon characters. A royal parade requires none of these frills to draw throngs to the streets of London.

The beautiful duo will greet their royal subjects for the first time as a newlywed couple during a horse-drawn carriage processional through the streets of London. The parade will begin at Westminster Abbey, pass through White Hall and Parliament Square and end at Buckingham Palace, where the queen will host a reception. The day will be capped off with dinner and dancing hosted by the father of the groom, Prince Charles.


4: The Entertainment's Sure to Be Amazing

Sir Elton John would make a great wedding performer.
Sir Elton John would make a great wedding performer.
Tim Boyles/Getty Images

Rumors about the wedding's featured entertainment have been running rampant since planning for the big day began.

Although we surely wouldn't mind seeing Sir Paul McCartney or Sir Elton John serenading the happy couple (what could be sweeter than Elton crooning "Your Song"?), whomever is tapped for the honor is certain to be a top name in the entertainment industry.


After all, the budget for these nuptials certainly rules out your typical wedding band or "Electric Slide"-spinning DJ. Of course, that's not to say that we wouldn't enjoy watching the royals attempt the Chicken Dance or engaging in a rowdy "Grease" sing-along.

3: The Wedding Is Financing Our Next Latte

The time is nigh for all of the wives, girlfriends and sisters of Fantasy Football enthusiasts to exact our revenge. Now that football season is over and Prince William's wedding is upon us, it's time for some new betting odds.

That's right -- placing odds on the royal nuptials is one way to make (or lose) a quick buck or two from the comfort of your own couch. To date, bets have already been taken and closed out regarding the date and location of the ceremony.


Those itching to get in on the action can still make wagers on the length of the bride's train, the shoes she'll be sporting, whether the ceremony will start on time and even if the marriage will end in divorce or not.

For the most part, the betting is all in good fun, with the average stake valued at $5.50, according to betting agency William Hill. For the record, odds are firmly in favor of the couple making it to their 10th anniversary at the very least, although we're hoping they last much, much longer.

2: The Prince Deserves a Happily Ever After

William and Harry gesture as they leave their mother's funeral.
William and Harry gesture as they leave their mother's funeral.
David Brauchli/Getty Images

He may be handsome, rich and famous, but Prince William's personal life has been anything but perfect.

First, his parents divorced amid reports of his father's infidelity, which stirred up every gossip and rumor mill around the world. No sooner had the family moved past the drama than Diana was killed in an automobile accident by intrusive paparazzi.


Prince William was only 15 when he suffered this tragedy. True to his mother's legacy, the prince managed to hold his head high and work through the trauma, despite the fact that the collective eyes of the world were fixed on his ascent into adulthood.

It seems only fair that all of his suffering and hard work is rewarded with the love of a good woman like Kate, whom he presented with his mother's engagement ring as a way of keeping Diana close to the nuptials in spirit.

1: It'll be a Glimpse Into Britain's Future

Although this wedding is the end of a courtship, we think it's the beginning of a new and promising future for the couple and for England, too.

It's obvious that Prince William was born and bred for international leadership, and Kate's newfound status as an official princess will give her the opportunity to impact the lives of her countrymen and women in major, tangible ways. Perhaps the duo will usher in an era of economic prosperity and change that England desperately needs.

Even if that is an exceptionally tall order, they can be counted on to produce one "product" in particular -- gorgeous kids! (Hey, no pressure if you're reading this, Wills and Kate.)

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