10 Reasons Not to Be Jealous of Princess Brides

Guests You Never Will Lay Eyes On. Ever

Remember what we said about Princess Diana's big day? Well, sure, the 2,500 people packed in the cathedral were a lot of guests, and the 2 million people who stood out on the sidewalks to watch her pass by in the glass coach was quite a crowd, but how about that last stat? The nearly 1 billion television viewers? Just let that sink in. In 1981, the world population was roughly 4.5 billion. We'll do the math: It comes out to about 1 in 6 out of every single person on the entire planet. And they were all watching her walk down the aisle in what was an incredibly elaborate and crazy-complicated gown. So if your bride is jealous of a royal wedding, remind her how much less pressure she is under than a princess.

After all, if her heel breaks and she stumbles or trips (and imagine how many millions more would have watched Lady Di's wedding footage if that had happened!), she won't have a significant portion of the planet searching for the video and commenting mirthfully on her misstep.