10 Reasons Not to Be Jealous of Princess Brides

Getting to Work After the Wedding

If a woman is already a princess, then she's probably had some necessary practice at this last one. But if she's new to royalty, there's an awful lot to learn. Spouses who are unfamiliar with the trappings of monarchy must often be trained in the ways of refined society, upper-crust airs and the art of maintaining a squeaky-clean image. Then there are the public appearances which are so enormously numerous. Princesses must exhibit a polished presentation at all times; there's no room for uncouth behaviors.

Then there's the cadre of paparazzi princesses have to deal with, and that's no picnic. The public has always thirsted for knowledge (or as we mentioned earlier, straight-up gossip and speculation) concerning royal families, so princesses can expect round-the-clock company from the press. They'll also often need to cancel any major career plans they may have entertained, since the work of a princess will occupy the bulk of their time.

It's a life of privilege, but that doesn't mean it's perfect.

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