What to Pack (and Leave Behind) For Your Honeymoon

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Preparing for a wedding is tough, but at least you have a good idea of what to expect. You know what time the ceremony starts, where the reception is taking place and when you're supposed to schmooze, eat cake and be pelted with birdseed. Everything is organized right down to the minute -- you even know all the little details that don't directly relate to you, like where everyone's supposed to sit.

The same isn't true when it comes to your honeymoon. It's as unstructured as your wedding day is structured. Sure, you know the destination and when your flight leaves. But that's it. Most brides don't make a hyper-detailed itinerary (unless you're really, really Type A, and chances are things still won't work out exactly as you planned). How do you pack for a five- or seven-day stretch of open-ended events?

Regardless if you're the kind of girl who tries to stuff everything she owns into a suitcase, or you like to stick with the essentials (like the clothes on your back), you'd probably like a little help from brides who've been there, worn that. We'll itemize your packing list and help you decide what to bring and what to leave behind. You can rest easy knowing you'll have everything you need on your honeymoon -- now all you have to decide is what to do once you get there. Beach or spa first?

First, suiting up for relaxation -- bikini and juicy book required.

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