Why We Love Minimoons

Why Bother?

Sometimes, life just gets in the way, but that's no reason for you to completely write off your post-wedding trip. Perhaps you're conserving funds because you're planning a big honeymoon a few months down the road, or maybe you're about to buy a home. For every decision in life, there's always some excuse to be made that justifies putting off something until later. While we tend to agree with being responsible, it's also vitally important to your marriage that you and your beloved have plenty of time to reflect on the importance of your vows without a lot of distractions around. What better way to do that than by taking a couple of days for yourselves?

Additionally, a post-wedding trip is an excellent way to relax and let go of all the wedding-related stress you've encountered over the past few months. Even if you do nothing more than hole up in a mountain cabin for a night or two, it'll be a welcome relief from the incessant ringing of your cell phone. Sometimes, all it takes is a breather following a big event to prepare you and your husband to re-enter the world as a stronger, more unified couple.