Why We Love Minimoons

Image Gallery: Honeymoon Destinations You don't have to go far away to get away! See pictures of honeymoon destinations.

You've spent months toiling over seating charts and acting as mediator between your mom and future mother-in-law. And how are you going to celebrate? By putting on an uncomfortable dress and about 2 pounds of makeup! What you need is a vacation -- in bridal lingo, that's code for honeymoon.

Although some couples have the option of hopping a plane for parts unknown immediately following their nuptials, others are faced with certain limitations. Some of the more obvious constraints include a lack finances or work-related conflicts (you don't have enough paid vacation days, there's a big presentation coming up, or about a million reasons involving a not-so-understanding boss). Other couples have children to care for, health concerns that preclude a lengthy trip or another issue altogether to consider when planning a post-ceremony getaway. Or, maybe you've drained your energy reserves planning the wedding and the thought of putting on a dinner dress and dancing under the stars sounds like torture.

Whatever your reason, those of you who can't swing a traditional honeymoon need not fret too much. Plenty of modern brides are planning short, yet fabulous, minimoons to mark the blessed occasion while it's still fresh to them and their new hubbies.