House or Honeymoon? Why Some Couples Ditch the Getaway

For Every Other Reason
Just being together -- no matter the location - is a total blast. You're newlyweds, after all!
Just being together -- no matter the location - is a total blast. You're newlyweds, after all!

The honeymoon question isn't always about money -- whether it's a surplus or lack of funds. Perhaps you have so much vacation-ready cash because you've got an excellent, well-paying job that you just might lose if you take too much time off. Maybe the two of you would rather save your vacation days for later in the year, when you can visit an ailing relative, adhere to the traditional family Christmas skiing trip or even just wait for better rates for an extended, one-on-one break.

What are some other good reasons for staying put? If you're pregnant, you might not feel like flying, hiking, sunbathing or doing the standard honeymoon activities. Maybe you feel vacationed-out after spending months planning your several-day destination wedding, and chilling at home seems more relaxing than checking into a posh resort. You could also always choose tangible items over a temporary vacation -- some couples are choosing to divide their honeymoon pot and give each other gifts instead taking a trip (HDTV or luxury handbag, maybe?). And as cheesy as it sounds, if the only place you want to be is in each other's arms, your house is as good a destination as anywhere else.

Of course, we have to say that honeymoons are tradition for a reason. Married life is tough, and though they may just seem like words now, "through good times and bad" really means something. Your honeymoon is, in a way, your last, great, solitary (meaning just the two of you) hurrah. No kids, no money woes, no head-of-household stress concerns -- just you, the love of your life and the ultimate vacation. Don't let the struggles of the moment cause you to lose sight of the big picture, because while you don't have to take a honeymoon if you don't want to, years from now, you'll almost certainly be glad you did.

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