Can I afford a honeymoon?

The perfect honeymoon usually takes a little advance planning. See more honeymoon destination pictures.

While parents often volunteer to help foot the bill for a couple's wedding, the newlyweds are usually on their own when it comes to the honeymoon. In some cases, family members might offer to pitch in, but it's definitely not something to count on.

Honeymoons can be pricey, but some adjustments can help reduce the sticker shock and save young couples some financial stress on what's supposed to be one of the most memorable and romantic getaways of their years together.

Two obvious -- and yes, somewhat less timely and exotic -- alternatives are to delay the honeymoon and save up additional funds, or to take the honeymoon somewhere closer to home. With a little shopping around to explore the various options, an enjoyable vacation can often be found right around the corner. Maybe that's a week at a nearby spa if you need to blow off some steam from hectic wedding preparations, or a camping trip if the two of you are into the outdoors -- whatever strikes your fancy.

Sometimes, though, destinations like the Caribbean beckon and refuse to be denied. So it's a good idea to scout around on the Internet well in advance, searching for deals on flights and lodgings. If you find your dream destination at a decent price, book it. Last minute travel plans often end up breaking the bank -- and there's a good chance you're already working with a pretty drained bank account. If you're flexible when it comes to the particular tropical locale whose beaches you intend to lounge on, definitely see how different destinations stack up against one another in terms of price. There can be quite a difference once you get to a specific area as well -- so also check how much various lodgings, meals and activities will set you back so you have some idea of the amount of cash you'll need to make it through the trip.

While planning a wedding might already seem like an amazingly daunting task, if you also take a little time to shore up honeymoon preparations while you're at it, you'll definitely reap the rewards when it comes to having some dinero left when you finally fly back home and settle into married life.

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