10 Beautiful Destination Wedding Locales in the United States

Getting married far from home is becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. It's much less stressful (and often cheaper) to ship off a small group of friends and family for a mini-vacation somewhere beautiful and fun than to go through the whole rigmarole of planning a mammoth wedding at home.

But hosting a wedding in another country can lead to its own set of headaches. Besides the obvious issues (the language barrier, drastic time differences, helping your 80-year-old grandmother exchange her currency), you've got to worry about international marriage laws and finding a decent reception site in that quaint Italian village.

Romantic ambiance isn't restricted to the Old World. If you want a destination wedding, don't overlook the U.S.! These 50 states offer plenty of diversity for the beach-bound bride, outdoorsy couples who love the mountains and family members who demand superior hospitality.

Coming up are 10 fantastic destination wedding locales that can help you slash the guest list, snag a set of totally unique wedding pictures and trade all the headaches of wedding planning for a quick prelude to the honeymoon.