10 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding


Combine to Save Cash

The beauty of most destination weddings is that they're set in romantic getaways, perfect for honeymooning couples that want to stay put post-ceremony or even engage in a little island-hopping, รก la the Caribbean or Hawaii. Destination Weddings.com estimates that the honeymoon averages roughly 14 percent of a typical wedding budget. Couples who elect to combine the celebration and the getaway can save a significant chunk of cash (and put it aside for a down payment on a new home or even a child's college fund).

If your family and friends are vacation-starved, you can turn your destination wedding into a cash-saver for them, too. Many couples choose to keep the party going long after the ceremony is over, turning a day of celebration into a weeklong reunion of sorts. After all, they're paying to fly in for the wedding -- why not stay and enjoy the local scenery?