10 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding


Plan Well in Advance

Plan ahead -- far ahead -- for a destination wedding.
Plan ahead -- far ahead -- for a destination wedding.
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When it comes to planning a destination wedding, the early bird really does get the best block of ocean-view rooms. Ensure that your big day doesn't get bumped to the second-choice resort by booking well ahead of time. Most resorts or hotels allow the happy couple to reserve blocks of rooms at a discounted rate for guests, so be sure to request plenty, and keep tabs on how fast they're filling up.

Traveling abroad, although it has its perks, does require a tremendous amount of advance planning for the couple, as well as their families and guests. Passports, vacation time from work and airfare are just a few of the considerations that have to be handled well in advance of the big day. Save-the-date cards with airport, hotel and other pertinent information should be made available far enough ahead of the blessed event to prevent would-be attendees from missing out on the action.