10 Honeymoon Horror Stories You Have to Hear

Outlandish In-laws

Talking about his wife, Julie, makes Michael glow. Discussing his in-laws? That evokes an eye roll and a groan. He's got plenty of stories to explain that gut reaction -- including a honeymoon tale of horror.

Michael's in-laws sent a few gifts to the honeymooners' suite as a special surprise. They coordinated with the hotel before Michael and Julie arrived to have staff arrange some treats in their room. He was thrilled with the fruit basket and champagne, but the framed photo of Julie's parents was over the top -- as was a voice-recorded, custom-written book they made called "Our Love Journey." It was all about how they fell in love and got married. Of course, Michael and Julie were at the resort to celebrate their own love journey, and Michael says, "It was just way too much."

To this day, Michael and Julie can't talk about their honeymoon without dissolving into giggles. They're already planning the book they'll have planted in their daughter's honeymoon suite when she gets married.

The Moral: Draw boundaries and learn to laugh off family blunders when you can. If the in-laws are this invested in your marriage, you can at least bank on them babysitting when you need a night off in the future.

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