10 Honeymoon Horror Stories You Have to Hear

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Honeymoons are made for lounging, not bragging.
Honeymoons are made for lounging, not bragging.

Jackie's parents owned several dozen fast-food franchises. She grew up with every luxury and comfort, but she tried to downplay her wealth when she started dating. She'd learned that some men were just interested in her for her family's fortune.

But Jackie didn't have to worry about any of that with Tony. He absolutely swept her off her feet and seemed to share all of her values and hobbies. (Polo, anyone?) They got married in record time and found themselves on a fantasy honeymoon at a five-star resort in Germany, compliments of her mother and father.

When Jackie overheard Tony on the phone bragging about the posh digs and luxurious wedding he hadn't dropped a cent to pay for, she was more than a little ticked off. Tony came clean and admitted he was feeling insecure about not being the provider in the relationship -- the bragging wasn't what it seemed. Jackie hinted that he could still be a big shot on the honeymoon if he bought her a souvenir she'd been eyeing in the hotel gift shop. And that's how our bride went home with stunning emerald earrings.

The Moral: Be careful about revealing yourself before you've built up trust with your partner! If he treasures you before he finds out you're a Trump or Buffet, chances are he's into you for you, not your money.