10 Honeymoon Horror Stories You Have to Hear

The Boy Next Door

It's generally understood that by date No. 4 or 5 with a new partner, you talk a little about former flames. By the time you two are serious enough to get engaged, you probably know each other's romantic histories pretty well. Leaving out little details can come back to haunt you … and that's exactly what Brittany learned on her honeymoon.

She'd told her fiancé, Tim, that she had a serious boyfriend her senior year of college, but she didn't confess that they'd gotten back together five years later and dated again. Nor did she admit that she still thought about him. And read his old e-mails. And looked at his picture. It's one thing to carry a torch for an old boyfriend, but it's quite another to spend your honeymoon next door to him.

Yes, that's right. Brittany's ex and his new wife were honeymooning down the hall from Brittany and Tim. She had a hard time explaining her discomfort and red-flushed cheeks -- Tim didn't understand why a long-ago ex was having that effect on her. Over cocktails, Brittany finally spilled the beans. To her relief, Tim laughed. "I'm the one who got you in the end," he said. Brittany swears that his confidence was so charming, it finally pushed her ex out of her mind. She deleted the old e-mails and threw out the pictures when she got home.

The Moral: Share your romantic history and true feelings when you have the chance! No bride wants her honeymoon to be a moment of reckoning -- a tropical vacation is better spent sunbathing than explaining yourself.

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