10 Honeymoon Horror Stories You Have to Hear

Some Like It Raw

After 16 years together, Dan and Dave playfully explain they're happy together because they're both so similar. "For the most part, it makes our dynamic really easy," Dan says.

But there are certainly times their sameness backfires, like on their honeymoon. The couple readily admits neither is "detail-oriented," which is how they accidentally signed up for the wrong vacation. It was too late to back out by the time they realized their mistake, so off they went to a raw food retreat in northern New Mexico.

To their utter disappointment, the retreat was structured so that all 20 participants interacted with one another almost all day to prepare meals with raw foods. Breakfast usually took four hours to make from scratch. Lunch took three. "Kudos to the raw foodies dedicated to optimal health," Dave says, "but what about enjoying a glass of wine with your spouse while watching a sunset?"

The two extroverted social butterflies found little reprieve in the free time activities. Walk a labyrinth -- alone. Meditate -- alone. Attend a fire ceremony -- no s'mores allowed. When the retreat was over, Dan and Dave salvaged their honeymoon by walking over to the gorgeous, neighboring spa and promptly booking a room.

The Moral: Be sure you know what you're signing up for! Read reviews of your honeymoon destination and activities, and speak to the program's coordinator or hotel's concierge if you have any doubts.

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