10 Honeymoon Horror Stories You Have to Hear

H2O No!
Be sure those margaritas are safe to drink!
Be sure those margaritas are safe to drink!

Jennie had heard the warning enough times: Don't drink the water in Mexico! But when she was in Cozumel on her honeymoon, she forgot that advice also goes for ice cubes.

On their first night in town, Jennie and her new husband, Mike, sat outside on a crowded veranda listening to the ocean and a festive mariachi band. She ordered one fresh margarita on the rocks after another; her husband opted for cervezas. Everything was perfect until a terrible feeling hit her. Jennie knew instantly that it was Montezuma's revenge and made a beeline for her room.

She recovered within a few days, but Jennie regretted all the time she spent inside and away from the beach … and she didn't touch another margarita for months afterward. The bright side? Mike got to show off his bedside manner by playing nurse.

The Moral: Tie string around your finger if you have to, but remember to consume only bottled water and ice made with purified H20 in areas where tap water isn't reliably safe to drink.

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