10 Honeymoon Horror Stories You Have to Hear

Ahoy, Sailor!

Tropical, balmy, romantic -- a real postcard-perfect paradise.

Well, that's what Christy and Ryan expected to find on their honeymoon in St. Thomas. But they got something quite different. The honeymoon suite came loaded with fleas in the carpet and biting, bloodsucking sand flies swarming around the private balcony. There's nothing like painful bug bites to get you in the mood, right? That was bad enough. For Ryan, it got much worse.

While Christy was sunbathing one morning, Ryan took out a sailboat for his first (and maybe his last) time. Enraptured by the beauty of sea turtles, dolphins and the open ocean, Ryan's attention drifted. A gust of wind came up out of nowhere, inflated his sail, and pushed him careening into the beach. A crowd of people were pointing and laughing at the disoriented sailor. Ryan's pride and body were a little injured, and returning to a subpar room was salt in the wound. The couple wasn't too sad to wave goodbye to St. Thomas and start nesting in their new home. They booked their one-year anniversary trip in a decidedly untropical locale: Aspen!

The Moral: Get recommendations for resorts that friends and family have visited, or ask a travel agent for help. Do your due diligence and if possible, include a refund clause in your agreement before booking. And before you venture out on any excursions, be sure you understand how to use the recreation equipment!

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