10 Honeymoon Horror Stories You Have to Hear

I Came to Relax

Carla and Ben were in love and pregnant with their first child. They tied the knot in Tucson, Ariz., a famously arid town nestled in the Sonoran Desert.

After the wedding, they went straight to a nearby hotel for a one-night honeymoon. While Carla was anticipating a romantic dinner, Ben just wanted to stay in. He got comfy in a robe, flopped into bed and ordered room service -- a big steak loaded up with onions and beans on the side. Then, he ordered a movie on pay-per-view.

Carla spent her honeymoon in an intimate setting, just as she expected. But she didn't count on never leaving the room, watching action flicks all night long and choking on the smell of sirloin! Don't worry -- Ben made it up to her after the baby was born. He took her on a week-long Mediterranean cruise, and they both laughed about how clueless he'd been.

The Moral: Don't let your special trip spiral out of control! Remind your partner that you're celebrating your union, so you need to make joint decisions about dining and activities. If all else fails, let him lounge in the room while you make good use of the hotel's amenities -- spa, anyone?

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