10 Honeymoon Destinations for Every Personality


Road Trip

Couples looking to embrace their inner nomads can forego the friendly skies in favor of a road trip. You can opt to rent an RV complete with bathroom, bed and kitchenette, or simply hop in the car and take the roadside hotel route. This honeymoon is perfect for people who have a sightseeing checklist (Mount Rushmore, anyone?). Couples yearning for a more spontaneous experience might select destinations and routes at random, or organize their journey around kitschy diners and tourist traps.

However much or little you decide to plan, there are plenty of great places to start. Coastal California is full of scenery, excellent food and tourist attractions. Cruise through the state in a convertible for the full experience. Believe it or not, Tennessee is one of the most popular honeymoon locations in the continental United States, thanks to the picturesque Great Smoky Mountains, variety of activities available to adventurous couples and cities full of rich, musical heritage like Nashville and Memphis. Cozy up to your sweetie in a pickup truck as you watch the sun set over the Smokies.