10 Honeymoon Destinations for Every Personality

Image Gallery: Honeymoon Destinations Plenty of couples are content to lounge on the beach, but we have destinations to suit every personality. See more pictures of honeymoon destinations.

Forget all that "building a family and future together" mumbo-jumbo. We know the real reason you're looking forward to your wedding: the honeymoon! After the frenzy that unavoidably accompanies wedding planning, we're sure you are in dire need of a week or two away from your responsibilities.

Hold off on picking the first destination that comes to mind, though. Instead, take some time to huddle around the computer and to peruse travel brochures to find the perfect destination and itinerary. There's a honeymoon out there for every type of couple, from lazy and luxurious types to wild and crazy pairs. Keep reading for our 10 take on honeymoon destinations for couples of all persuasions.