Aruba, Bahamas: 10 Caribbean Honeymoons

Trinidad and Tobago

Like Saint Martin, Trinidad and Tobago is another "split personality" destination. The two islands are united as one sovereign country, each with its own distinct flavor. If you and your mate can't quite decide what kind of Caribbean honeymoon you want, Trinidad and Tobago offers two very different experiences.

Trinidad is more like a South American country than a Caribbean island. Think steel drums and calypso -- this is where Caribbean music was born. Arrive there in the spring and enjoy the annual, tourist-attracting Carnival. If you and your new spouse like mingling with the locals, Trinidad is a great spot for you.

Tobago, on the other hand, will fit with bill if you're looking for a more typical island getaway. White, sandy beaches and resorts are the order of the day in Tobago. Visit the Kariwak Village hotel to enjoy some romantic couples' yoga and massage.