Besides showing up, what are the groom's responsibilities?

Make It Legal

Tons of thought goes into the reception, but the ceremony requires lots of planning, too. Meet with your wedding officiant in the final months of planning to review your vows, ceremony style and music selection. Your officiant may ask the two of you to complete a pre-marital counseling course. Pre-martial counseling is a great way to discover your individual strengths and weaknesses and how these affect you as a couple.

After meeting with the officiant, purchase a marriage license at the local probate court. Both you and your fiancée will need to be present to sign the papers and provide the court with proper forms of identification. Once you have your marriage license in hand, get it signed by your officiant after the ceremony and mail the completed form back to the probate court. Then, you'll get an official marriage certificate, which recognizes your marriage as a legal union.

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