10 Ridiculous Things Brides Can't Believe They Registered For

Automatic Martini Shaker

If you or your beloved enjoy cocktails, you know there's nothing better than a perfectly made martini. Freezing cold, yet not full of ice -- a good martini is, of course, shaken and not stirred. Part of the magic around the martini mystique is the way a bartender shakes the cocktail. Everyone has their own particular style of shaking a martini.

So, why on earth would you want a machine to do it? This might be the ultimate gift for the laziest person in the world. It will actually take longer to go to the cabinet, take the machine out of the box, and plug it in than it would to simply shake the martini by hand. Again -- avoid the "clever" appliances. They seem fun for the moment, but they're likely fodder for tomorrow's garage sale.

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