10 Ridiculous Things Brides Can't Believe They Registered For

Quesadilla Maker

Sure, we all love quesadillas. And, yes, using a quesadilla maker is a little easier than making quesadillas in an iron pan. But before you register for such a specific cooking appliance, consider how often you actually eat quesadillas. And don't say, "But we'll eat them all the time if we have one of these!" No, you won't. You also need to consider how much counter space this appliance will consume. Will you be able to store it in your cabinets when it's not in use?

If you're dying to make quesadillas at home, put a nice cast iron pan on your registry, instead. Cast iron pans make fantastic quesadillas and have a zillion other uses, as well. Plus, they last forever -- which is more than we can say for most appliances today.

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