10 Registry Dos and Don'ts


Do Your Research

Do your homework when deciding where to register. Find out which stores offer extra incentives for registering with them, since certain department stores offer reward programs where a percentage of guests' spending goes into a gift card that you'll receive later on. After my wedding, I received a $225 gift card from Macy's as a result of points accumulated by guests' purchases. I was elated to have some extra spending money to buy the expensive "pet hair eraser" vacuum that my husband and I had our eyes on, and we even had a little money left over for a few kitchen gadgets! Some stores also offer completion programs, discounting the gifts that remain on your registry after the wedding.

Remember to inquire about stores' return policies. Some are stricter than others, and they may have a deadline for returning seasonal items. Also, some stores will give you cash when you return an item, while others will only issue a store credit. Finally, don't forget to register for gift cards if retailers offer them. Be sure to ask when they will expire and if cards depreciate in value if you don't use them right away.