10 Outrageous Gifts Brides Can't Believe They Received

Gifts from a Cheapskate
This may be a $3 gift ... or it may be worth millions! Fingers crossed, brides.
This may be a $3 gift ... or it may be worth millions! Fingers crossed, brides.
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We all know someone who's a little bit stingy with his hard-earned cash. Maybe it’s an uncle who doesn't send birthday cards because he thinks the cost of stamps is too high -- or perhaps it's a girlfriend who comes up short whenever you order takeout for a group.

If anyone on your guest list is an infamous cheapskate, don’t expect an extravagant gift from him. Sure, he'll part with a little money for a wedding gift, but instead of purchasing a set of wine glasses, he'll buy just one. A bride might open a wedding card expecting to find a check or some cash only to be surprised by two lottery scratch-off tickets.

Cheapskates shouldn’t be confused with loved ones who are tight on cash because they’re going through a hard time or recently lost a job. If the majority of the bride and groom’s guest list is recent college grads, many of them will be earning entry-level salaries while simultaneously paying off tuition debt -- expensive gifts aren't something they can easily float.

If money is tight, a thoughtful and meaningful gift is priceless. A scrapbook of pictures from the wedding or handmade wine charms crafted from special family trinkets and jewelry are unique, sentimental and better than the beige towels on the gift registry!

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