10 Outrageous Gifts Brides Can't Believe They Received

Used and Abused

Passing along a used wedding gift is arguably the most offensive gift-giving crime there is. Regifting is bad enough, but regifting a used item is even worse. And we have to ask, who do people really think they're fooling? It's absurd to think that the bride won't realize that the pair of dirt-caked, plastic geese she received as a wedding present used to sit in the gift-giver's front yard. A regifted birdhouse made from the gift-giver's license plate or a cocktail shaker that reeks of liquor are other examples of used gifts gone terribly wrong.

Perhaps the most unsettling used wedding gifts are those that were previously used in another person's kitchen or bedroom. A food processor in the original box might appear to be a fabulous, much-needed kitchen appliance, but when the bride opens it, the odor of musty food and worn blades will give away the secret. Likewise, used pots and pans, stained table linens and yellowed bed sheets are sure to turn the bride's stomach. You can bet that these unpleasant items will be immediately cleaned up, thrown in the trunk of the newlyweds' car and dropped off at the nearest thrift store.