10 Outrageous Gifts Brides Can't Believe They Received

Perishable Items

Nothing says "welcome home from the honeymoon!" quite like the rancid stench of rotting cheese and fruit. Culinary gifts can be a real treat if the couple knows that nondescript white-and-silver gift box is perishable and needs to be stored properly. Edible gifts are best delivered well in advance of the wedding, or a few weeks after the couple has settled into their new home.

Just because the bride and groom have a green thumb doesn't mean wedding guests need to shower them with ferns and potted plants. If the couple expresses they need flowers and plants to landscape their new home's yard, and they registered for outdoor tools and equipment at a home improvement store, plants are a perfectly acceptable gift. What's not OK, however, is a ficus tree dropped off at the wedding reception. The couple wants to end their wedding night feeling carefree and starry-eyed, and the best way to ruin their mood is by leaving them with a huge, awkward gift that certainly won't fit in their limousine!