10 Gifts That Should Be On Your Wedding Registry



You can't stock your kitchen with plastic glasses from the drive-through -- well, not forever, anyway. Part of growing up is investing in glasses that can break. It's a sign of maturity, a rite of passage, a statement that says, "I'm a big girl now with big responsibilities."

Seriously, glassware doesn't have to be expensive to add some real sparkle to even a simple meal. It doesn't matter that your lifestyle leans more to eating on a tray in front of the flat screen than under a chandelier in the dining room. A basic set of quality dishwasher-safe glassware is a must for your list. If you're moving into more formal gift territory, like crystal stemware, just remember to coordinate what pieces you have with those you're lusting after, and stick with the quality classics. We don't want to spoil the fun, but in 10 years, you'll thank us for not letting you go too wild with your choices.