10 Gift Ideas for Your Maid of Honor


Wine and Bubbly

With all her responsibilities leading up to the wedding, your maid of honor is probably feeling frazzled by the time the big day finally arrives. While she's been distracted by last-minute tasks up to this point, she may be starting to wonder how your new married status will impact your friendship. Add to this the exhaustion that comes from participating in a wedding, and it's no surprise that she's feeling overwhelmed.

Before you take off for your honeymoon, leave her with a bottle of fine wine or bubbly to help her relax and unwind. To make this gift extra special, splurge on a bottle she'd never buy for herself. Think vintage Chateau Latour, Cristal or Veuve Clicquot, not the dusty $10 bottles at your local liquor store. Pack the wine in a wooden box engraved with a special message, or choose a simple jute bag and spend more on the wine instead.

If neither wine nor champagne is her thing, consider cocktails. Fill an ice bucket with a bartender's guide and drink mixes for martinis, margaritas or any of her favorites, plus a few bottles of liquor. Include a set of engraved drinking glasses or a monogrammed cocktail shaker to add a personal touch.