How to Deal with a Disappointing Maid of Honor

Turn a Blind Eye

Every girl has a frenemy who she fights with one day and meets for cocktails the next, with nary an awkward apology required. But some friendships are never the same following a major argument.

If your maid of honor is hyper-sensitive -- or you secretly suspect that you're being a bit of a Bridezilla -- perhaps you should consider sweeping the issue under the rug, rather than turning it into a big fiasco. Small issues will usually work themselves out. Larger concerns might require a little private sulking or a pint of ice cream (or a hot pan of brownies, if you're dealing with this author).

Denise from Fort Worth, Texas, had a maid of honor who didn't do much of anything other than show up for the wedding. Denise has since realized that she didn't behave that way out of spite -- it's just her personality type. "She has a lot of good intentions, but with a lot of failure to follow through," explains Denise. It's been 13 years since the wedding, and Denise long ago rose above the wounded feelings to embrace her friend for her particular quirks. She just won't be co-planning any parties with her anytime soon.