How to Cut the Apron Strings Before the Honeymoon

Consult the Expert

Cook like Mama, and you'll gain some clout.
Cook like Mama, and you'll gain some clout.

Even though you're clearly in love and excited about building a future together, sometimes all that newness can be pretty daunting.

Take the edge off of the familial separation by consulting your groom's mom for a selection of his favorite recipes and treats. She'll appreciate that you admire her cooking, and he's sure to be thrilled that he no longer has to wait for a weekend visit home to enjoy his beloved dishes.

Of course, don't be afraid to make your mark on these old favorites by selecting different side dishes or a complementary beer or bottle of wine. Pepper these meals among your own creations, and it'll be no time at all before your meals make your new space feel as much like home to him as his mom's place.