Diva of Discretion: How to Be the Best Mother of the Groom

Be There for Your Son

Being a rockin' mother of the groom ultimately comes down to being supportive, starting with the groom, of course! The support you give him now -- as an adult who's getting married -- is simply an extension of all the love you've shown him over the years.

Here are some simple ways you can be there for your son:

Respect his choices, including who he chooses to marry. If you adore her, tell him (and her). If you have concerns about the woman he's chosen to wed, express them and let them go. You don't have to agree with his decisions, but you should accept them because he's his own person. Stay open-minded about what he shares in response, and focus on the qualities you do appreciate in her.

Offer your own marriage advice or encouragement. Sure, he'll be inspired if you say your marriage has been 30 years of bliss. But even the best marriage or partner is challenging at times. Be honest when your son asks questions about your relationship. It can be just as reassuring for him to hear the big lessons you learned during the tough times. Your openness can help him set high expectations for his own marriage that are also realistic and healthy.

Share your feelings. Express yourself verbally or in writing. Share that you're proud of him. You're gaga about his wife. Or, tell him what you look forward to experiencing as a family in the future.

Give him something special. Whether it's your time, a poem or a watch passed down through your family for generations, something just for him can be a sweet reminder that you love him and are always there for him.

To be the best MOG, you'll need to devote some energy to another special person. That's next.

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