5 Tips for Getting Your Guy's Mom Involved With the Wedding

Recognize the Mother-son Dance Tradition

The father of the bride isn't the only parent who gets to enjoy the spotlight with a dance during the wedding reception. The traditional mother-son dance is a great way for the groom to honor his mother on his wedding day. To get the pair excited about their dance, invite your man and his mom over for a home-cooked meal to discuss song choices. Have your music collection nearby in case they want to read lyrics or listen to songs over dinner, and consider music that resonates with your fiancé and his mother. Arrange private dancing lessons for them as a surprise -- and it's OK to giggle if your guy has two left feet!

There are no rules when choosing a song for the dance, so feel free to think outside the box. Maybe the groom wants to sway with his mom to the classic sound of Louis Armstrong, but if an upbeat swing dance is more their style, encourage them to go for it! As long as the song reflects their special mother-son relationship, the dance will be a sweet memory for years to come.

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